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What Does It Really Mean to be a Student?

School in the formal sense is part of the growing up phase as humans. We are expected to learn a series of tasks at a young age in order to prepare for the world ahead. Building upon that, we are also expected to memorize information and also learn ways to solve and work problems. If you actually think about it, learning is a process of allowing information to come into your brain that you have previously not known.

Speaking of learning....

Do you ever have those nightmares that you are in your classroom and don't have any idea what the assignment is or even that there's a final exam(and of course you didn't study)???

Wait.... how many of you did this actually happen to in Real Life?

Crap, was that paper due today??? 😟


I thought the test was NEXT Friday 😟

It's ok, calm down,it was just a dream everyone... whew.

Remember, as long as you make some effort to seek knowledge and continue your effort to reinforce what you have previously learned, you may consider yourself a student. It doesn't mean you have exams and homework, but for you on a personal level it indicates that you are not stagnant. Being a student just sometimes means being interested in a topic and wanting to learn more.

It's this quest for knowledge that keeps us active and keeps our minds functioning in the way they were meant. The old saying "you never stop learning" is something really important to live by. Don't be stagnant and try to swim in the murky waters, instead go to the other swimming hole with a fun rope swing and cool clear water.

Being a life long learner is part of who we are ... Learning teaches us not to be complacent or stagnant but instead gives us the ability to take leaps and try new things.

What are you waiting for? Your Rope Swing awaits you...

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