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The idea behind the name...

"Janus" was the Roman god of doorways, decisions and new beginnings. Janus was known to grant access to new pathways, and perspectives. The idea behind the name is that everything we do is a choice. Figuratively, metaphorically and literally we are choosing which doors to walk through and where we want to go. "Rising" represents seeking new heights and surging forward through your opportunities. Every doorway is a new connection to the future. Let's walk through these doors together and explore what is possible.



TESS WALL - Founder of Janus Rising

Tess has over 25 years of experience in sales and team building between oil and gas and direct sales. She is here for you, your team and company as a whole. With her years of personal experience, observations, research as well as certifications in Neuroscience Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy, Tess has crafted and developed workshops, courses and keynote speeches all with one desire... to take away frustration and replace it with motivation, cooperation, collaboration and direction.




Using my R. U. N. Method, I will work with you to RECOGNIZE and UNDERSTAND NEEDS!

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