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Audiences will leave these keynotes with valuable insights, practical tools, and actionable strategies to address the root causes of many of today's workplace challenges. They will be armed with newfound confidence and clarity to identify barriers to success and learn how to find hidden obstacles that are weighing down the workplace. They will be provided tools and strategies to move toward feeling more empowered with their choices and decisions. Once these tools are implemented, the possibility of navigating conflicts, inspiring others, and increasing productivity emerges.

Leaders often feel overwhelmed by the constant challenges of communication breakdowns, conflicts and low productivity within their team. They fear the consequences of underperformance, uncertainty and frustration. Despite their best efforts, they often feel stuck in a cycle of not knowing where to begin, unsure of how to break free and what steps to address first. By choosing one of the keynotes below, they will find an amazing and powerful resource to propel them forward and upward. 


Keynotes Available

Each of these keynotes will be extremely impactful and will provide valuable resources, takeaways and hopefully a bit of entertainment and laughter. It is all about creating a meaning full space of connection and empowerment. The opportunity for transformation awaits! 

Traffic Cone

Toughness, Tenacity and the Power to Remove Obstacles...

In this empowering keynote you will learn how to discover the hidden mental obstacles that could be slowing you down and take steps to remove them so that you can operate at your full potential. Toughness and Tenacity are powerful ways of being that will take you to the next level. Audiences will learn how to identify potential blocks to success and leave with tools to leave recharged and ready to invent new possibilities. 

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Rock Rubble

Are There Rocks in My Bag?

In this impactful keynote, you will learn how to discover hidden obstacles that could be slowing your team down and take steps to remove them. Once you begin to take some of these away, your team will have the opportunity to operate at their full potential. Audiences will also learn how to identify and implement various communication styles, and leave with tools necessary for improved teamwork & collaboration. Learn to remove rocks and move forward 

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Digital Rings

Draw Your Circle to Strenghthen Yourself...

High pressure and stressful situations often create the desire for coworkers to exist in a place of camaraderie and acceptance. This revealing keynote will provide the opportunity to discover how to create your own circle of trust and influence to bring the possibility of comfort and ease to you and your coworkers. This gives your place of work the freedom for people to collaborate and communicate more effectively with a feeling of trust and compassion for others. 

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Tess is an amazing speaker that has the ability to engage and capture her audience's attention. She truly has a unique ability to connect and be with the members with her audience in such a profound way that you cannot help but be inspired and motivated. She is able to bring a lot of joy and humor when she speaks and that keeps everyone engaged and interested.

John Dyke Operations Manager - GCC Supply and Trading

I have had the pleasure of hearing Tess speak several times. Her ability to make me laugh and learn at the same time is really amazing. She really gets what is going on with people and puts her spin on identifying the problem and offering a solution. I cannot say enough positive things about Tess.

Suzanne Weaver Strategic Sourcing Director - Waste Managment

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