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Santa Fe Retreat
December 2024

Finish out 2024 with a chance to connect with yourself and others in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Often busy leaders and entrepreneurs do not allow time for creation and rest and may suffer from symptoms of high stress and burnout. During this four day retreat, you will have the opportunity to rediscover your gifts and passion for life. You will leave this retreat with a guide for your future, not just for 2025 but for your life to come. Join us for an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.

Limited Spots Currently
Available ...

Limited Spots Currently Available ...


Whether it is a Reiki session or just some down time during our sessions, we will guide you through the importance of REST and how the mind and body gathers strength from the period of REST.

Reiki Healing


Once you have aligned with the spirit of REST, you will be given the tools to RESET your mind and body to embrace a new you that will have more strength and vitality. We will have opportunities for journaling and developing some of your hidden talents and creativity. 



You will indulge in the excellent local cuisine and will participate in a hot springs journey at a nearby location. Once we incorporate our RESET, we fill in the RECHARGE to empower your growth and potential to live your most fulfilled life. 

Nacho Ingredients
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