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Janus Rising is the ultimate solution for managers, executives, and leaders who want to build high-performing teams that deliver impactful results. Our expert guidance helps teams gain a better understanding of themselves by identifying obstacles - both seen and unseen. We are dedicated to equipping leaders with the skills and strategies needed to navigate challenges, resolve conflicts, inspire collaboration, and accelerate decision-making. With our guidance, your team will be empowered to communicate effectively and care deeply about their work, becoming a force of empowered individuals that deliver results that matter. Trust us to take your team to the next level!

Tess Wall 

In my years of being a sales leader in both direct sales and oil and gas, I have noticed many obstacles that prevent teams from moving forward and being truly successful. My positive outlook and desire to help others truly be the best they can be has led me to develop Janus Rising. Janus Rising's vision is  transforming leaders, teams and individuals to empower them to exceed expectations. I will challenge you and ask you to walk with me as we open the doors to your true potential. I am committed to the integrity of your team and will help you by offering innovation, enthusiasm and a true gift for finding solutions.

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Your team has the potential to become a force of empowered individuals that deliver meaningful results.

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